A specific line designed for increasing production and ideally exploiting the dimensions of any coil.
Designed for obtaining the maximum flexibility, the line can machine:

– coils with widths of 1050, 1250 or 1550 mm

– thicknesses from 0.50 to 1.25 mm

– stainless steel from 0.50 to 1.00 mm

– production speeds up to 15 m/min.

The line is composed of:

coil loading and coil infeed


– coil car

– uncoiler

– snubber roll

straightening and measuring, cutting


– straightener

– guillotine shear and/or circular blade shear

packing system


– stacker

– roller table

The basic line envisages a 3-rolls straightener, side infeed guides, guillotine shear and/or circular blade shear, 2 pinch-rolls,a control pulpit and hardened rollers.

Cutting line with start-stop operation*

Suitable for carbon steel, copper, small batches and frequent production changes. On request it is also possible to use it for stainless steel, prepainted and aluminized materials.

*The lines can by equipped with punching machines, cropping machines and stackers in accordance with specific needs and the solutions can also be diversified in accordance with machining needs. CAMU is able to ensure a painstaking study of the best solution and maximum flexibility of use.

Examples of application: