This type of plant is dedicated to medium and large service centres that demand precision, reliability and maximum productivity.
Our production is capable of covering all the clientele’s needs and is divided into categories on the basis of dimensions and thickness of the material to machine and production quantities. These parameters make it necessary to divide the cut-to-length cutting lines into LIGHT, MEDIUM and HEAVY.

LIGHT up to 15 Ton, 1550 mm, thickness from 0.2 mm to 3 mm, speeds up to 100 m/min
MEDIUM up to 30 Ton, 1600 mm, thickness from 4 mm to 12.7 mm, speeds up to 50 m/min
HEAVY up to 35 Ton, 2200 mm, thickness from 8 mm to 25 mm, speeds up to 40 m/min

The cut-to-length cutting lines are therefore able to work thickness from 0.2 mm to 25 mm with working speeds that range from 20 to 100 m/min depending on the needs of the specific customer.


Cut-to-length lines – LIGHT

LIGHT up to 15Ton, 1550mm, sp. da 0,2mm a 3mm, fino a 100 mt/min

Cut-to-length lines – MEDIUM

MEDIUM up to 30Ton, 1600mm, sp. da 4mm a 12,7mm, velocità fino a 50mt/min

Cut-to-length lines – HEAVY

HEAVY up to 35 Ton, 2200mm, sp. da 8mm a 25mm, velocità fino a 40 mt/min

Cut-to-length line composition

The cut-to-length line is composed of:

coil selection and loading, strap cutting and coil infeed


– coil Car

– uncoiler

– motorized snubber roll

– self aligning sliding base

– infeed peeler table

coil head facing and scrap rejection, levelling, measuring and cutting


– straightener and/or leveller

– centring unit for squaring

– roll feed and electronic control

– cutting unit (guillotine, rotary, flying shear)

packing, sorting and binding, packaging and labelling


– evacuator belt

– automatic stacker

– roller table

Various solutions are used on the basis of specific machining needs in order to meet the clientele’s needs; this permits maximum flexibility and the certainty of studying and developing the best solution on the basis of the plans listed below:

Compact line with Start-Stop*

decoiler, infeed unit, straightener, start/stop feed, and high-performance shear, also available for thicknesses up to 20 mm.
It is recommended for small spaces when large high-quality batches are not necessary and costs must be kept low.

Cutting line with loop*

decoiler, infeed unit, straightener or leveller with continuous feed, continuous speed by loop, and high-performance shear, suggested for thicknesses up to 3 mm (depending on the materials and performances).
It is recommended when continuous production is required up to medium thickness, with low costs, and it is suitable for delicate materials such as stainless steel and prepainted material.

Cutting line with flying shear*

automatic decoiler, infeed unit, leveller with continuous feed, and flying shear for continuous (non-stop) cutting, available for thicknesses up to 25 mm. 
Recommended for reduced spaces and continuous production, both for delicate materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and prepainted material, and for hot-rolled and high-strength material. Production speeds up to 50 m/min.

Cutting line with rotary shear*

automatic decoiler, infeed unit, leveller with continuous feed, rotary shear and continuous cutting speed, available for thicknesses even up to 6.35 mm. 
Recommended when large-scale batches are required, even with delicate materials such as stainless steel. Particularly suitable for service centres, steelworks and industries

(*the description is for exemplificative purposes; the technical office is available for studying the most suitable solution on the basis of specific needs.)

Various kinds of materials can be machined from soft ones such as aluminium and alloys, to hot and cold-rolled materials, and carbon and stainless steel, and on to high-strength and lamination steel.

The experience acquired in over 30 years of activity makes CAMU a solid reference point today in the sector for the machining of delicate materials such as prepainted ones and stainless steel that require particular attention during the entire machining process, especially as regards levelling for which 4H and 6H levellers are used. 

Camu lines have a modular design and are intended to work with different types of materials. 
Please note that it is highly recommended to carefully clean the line before changing into a different type of material in order to ensure maximum efficiency and avoid any marks or blemishes on the end product. 

– greater productivity, thanks to functionality designed for transforming the tonnes of material in the high-quality finished material warehouses. A cutting-edge electrical system which is the key for increasing total performance and automating the functions that were traditionally carried out by the operator only.

– greater flexibility, necessary for machining a vast range of materials. Thanks to modular design too, the line can further increase your business through the addition of electronic and mechanical updates that are capable of transforming it into a new plant for working different coil sizes and types of material.

– the reliability of CAMU products is known and constitutes a real jewel in our crown. The machines and machining lines have been designed with the utmost care to strength and resistance over time. The reliability and low maintenance requirements, along with the use of standard market components, permit an appreciable reduction of operating costs and optimum productivity. In the case of scheduled maintenance operations or the replacement of worn parts, CAMU design makes it possible to reduce dead times thanks to construction in modular groups that are fast and simple to replace.